The Finnish Society of Physical Pharmacy

The Finnish Society of Physical Pharmacy is a scientific society founded in 1988. The aim of the Society is to promote the knowledge of Physical Pharmacy in Finland, to maintain and develop the professional skills of its members, and to carry forward the scientific and technical research related to this area.

What is Physical pharmacy?

Physical Pharmacy is the research area of pharmacy that applies theoretic principles and practical research methods of science, especially physics to the research on pharmaceutical phenomena and to the practice of pharmacy. Physical pharmacy supports pharmacists to predict e.g. the compatibility, manufacture, function, stability and biologic action of drug products.

Members of the society

The members of the Society are mainly employed in pharmaceutical industry, universities (and other research units) and pharmacies or they are students in pharmacy, physics or chemistry. Today, total number of members is approximately 120.

Society activities

The Society arranges e.g. scientific meetings and symposia, and aims to publish academic textbooks and laboratory training books related to Physical Pharmacy, and a member leaflet.

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Society bylaws

The society was established as a registered association in 1988 and operates by bylaws set by the board, while adhering to the Finnish Associations Act. Read more about the current bylaws by clicking the button below.

Member registry and Privacy Policy

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